Our Program


Food Runners is a recognized 501 (c ) (3) non profit  organization. We provide all the tools necessary for our youth volunteers to organize and provide catering services to non-profit organizations within our community. While doing so, our youth volunteers learn valuable life skills through real life experiences in the areas of business management, customer service, and public relations.

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- Flexible Hours 

-Community Service Hours

- Skill Enhancement 

-Resume Building 

-Entrepreneurship Experience

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-Elementary School (5th and 6th Grade) 

-Middle School (7th and 8th Grade) 

-High School (9th-12th Grade)


College Road Trip! 


There is no better experience than actual stepping foot on a college campus. We believe that education is key. We want our youth to reach their full potential and be successful by receiving a college degree. We want to help them!! 

Here are some colleges that we visited: 

-San Luis Obispo

-UC Berkeley 

-Humboldt State University 


-UC Santa Cruz 

-UC Santa Barbara

-UC Davis 


-San Marcos State University 

If you would like to know more please call us at 951-235-2423