Our History 




My name is Lucy Silva, and I want to tell you a little bit about the most service oriented non-profit organizations in Corona.

 The time goes back to when our school district eliminated the  Home Economics Program, a program my daughter was really looking forward to join. I really wanted my daughter Vivianne to take the home economics class because it thought it had so much to offer, but since it was cut and no longer available the year she started high school we decided to form a small club that would be equivalent to that class. I thought I could teach her and a couple of her friends to maybe bake some cookies on regular basis and teach them how to manage a small business so they could become young entrepreneur and develop good social skills. At first, we really didn't know where to start, but after creating a small mission statement it became more clear that this was the start of one of the most fun and extraordinary service oriented programs with great support from our entire community who supported these three young girls and a mother willing to help them succeed.

After some success and appreciation from our community we decided to expand the program, we wanted to bring more youth volunteers into the program and give them the opportunity to learn how to bake, cook, and be of service. Little by little we grew a little more, we incorporated new ideas, and we started helping nonprofits by providing catering services for their events at very low cost.


By serving others our youth volunteers were learning how to manage a business and give back to our community. Our program grew and expanded to serving larger events, and then as more friends joined in the club we incorporated team building activities, volunteer recognition, and college road trips.


The regular activities and the college road trips provided a chance for the youth in our program to bond and build new friendships. Our college road trips also gives our volunteers the opportunity explore colleges firsthand rather than just in brochures and pictures. I strongly believe that giving the youth in our program this great experience will help guide them and give them a better perspective of the type of college they’ll want to attend as they exit High School, and I know that the college experience will  give them a sense of direction for the career path they’ll take in the future.

Food Runners is a very unique program, my goal is to provide our youth volunteers a fun and safe learning environment where they learn positive and valuable life skills that they'll use the rest of their life.


Lucy Silva,​

CEO & Founder   

of The Food Runners Club